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  2. Quantum Computation
  3. Optimization
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Combinatorics

I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences division at Ahmedabad University.

I received my PhD in mathematics in May 2018, from the University of Oklahoma, under the supervision of Dr. Ralf Schmidt. Subsequently, I joined the Department of Mathematics at the 浏览外网的免费加速器 as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and stayed there for the next two years.


My research interests primarily lie in modular forms, automorphic forms and automorphic representations. I am interested in exploring the rich interplay between the classical methods and the autmorphic representation theoretic methods, that often provides deep insights in number theory.

I am also interested in optimization, especially using randomized algorithms, quantum computational methods and machine learning tools.


  1. Co-dimensions of the spaces of cusp forms for Siegel congruence subgroups in degree two.
    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 293(2018), no. 1, 207–244.

  2. A short proof of Cayley's Tree Formula.
    The American Mathematical Monthly, 125(2018), no.~1,65-68.

  3. On Klingen Eisenstein series. ( with Ralf Schmidt. )
    Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, 34 (2024), 373-388.

  4. Trajectory optimization using quantum computing. ( with Prakash Vedula. )
    Shukla, A. & Vedula, P., Journal of Global Optimization (2024).

  5. Means Compatible with Semigroup Laws. ( with R. Padmanabhan. )
    Quasigroups and Related Systems, 27 (2024), 317 - 324.

  6. Pullback of Klingen Eisenstein series and certain critical L-values identities.
    Ramanujan J (2024).

  7. ssr纸飞机节点

  8. Tiling proofs of Jacobi triple product and Rogers-Ramanujan identities

  9. When do we have 1 + 1 = 11 and 2 + 2 =5? ( with 免费国外网站加速器安卓)

  10. Machine learning based trajectory optimization. ( with Prakash Vedula. )

  11. Orchards in elliptic curves over finite fields ( with R. Padmanabhan. )

  12. My thesis: On Klingen Eisenstein series.
  13. Pdf.


  1. On teaching mathematics to gifted students.

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